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Hi, I am Abirambika. Your Coach!

Looking for a credible life coach who can help you in your growth journey ?

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Make Changes That Matter

Transform to your best self that you can be proud off

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Live with Inner Focus & Evolve with Fulness

LIFEfulness, My Gift For You!

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One of the most powerful methods to bring in impact into everyones live. Get to know about it.


I specialise in transformative workshops that can bring in sustainable changes into the person. Have a look.

Lifefulness Box

A special box curated for women to help them take care of their overall wellness. Check it out.


I get a lot of insights through self-reflection, my blogs talk about them. Read on to see if they connect with you too.

Everyone has the potential to achieve everything, a little help from the right direction can make a huge difference. Getting to know that can come from coaching


About Me

Abirambika Ravivarman

Lifefulness Coach & Transformation Expert

Having broken free from a routine that was filled with anxiety and stress, I have transformed myself to discover a life, full of meaning and happiness. There were a lot of challenges and I kept my faith. I knew I would create something purposeful and I found it – Coaching. It has changed me and made my life ‘lifeful’.

Now, my biggest goal is to help you uncover abundance and satisfaction in your life. When I can do it, I believe that so can you! Let’s Connect


How I help you Transform?

Identify Goals

Goals make the whole difference. I can help you gain clarity with your goals.

Build Roadmap

Every goal needs a supportive action plan. I will work with you to make the best achievable one.

Break Barriers

Every plan might have road blocks. I will help you identify and overcome limiting beliefs.

Find Balance

It’s all about being balanced and staying on track. I will help you stay anchored to your growth.

Experience Success

Manifestation of dreams is magical. I will support you in realising your goal and experiencing the magic.

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    Make an Appointment With Me, Experience Coaching!

    I am a Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF).
    I coach individuals, parents, teens and also in corporates. I am happy to offer a 30 minutes of FREE coaching session to anyone who would like to experience coaching. You can also book slots for your regular sessions with me, using the calendar below.

    Lifefulness – A Self-help Journal to Transform Your life!

    This is your toolkit to work on yourself. This upcoming book will have topics about various parts of life, self-reflective activities, calming activities and much more. This DIY life coaching journal will be your best buddy in transforming your life. Join a select few for the book launch and enjoy the surprises that await you. My sincere gratitude to you.

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    Subscribe To Lifefulness Box

    I have something special for women. A subscription box curated to fit the needs of women and their overall wellness. The box includes many goodies and also a self-coaching topic each month. Trust me, this is one best gift you can give yourself, check it out Lifefulness Box !

    Welcome To My Podcast : Life Lab

    Life Lab is here for you. I coach many people, come across many things in life, many stories and this is a space I found to share my learnings with you. This will be something very valuable for you I am sure. Listen and share within your circle of friends and family!

    RSS Life Lab

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      In our ever-evolving lives, we're often faced with moments that challenge our beliefs and perspectives. 'Breakthroughs Beliefs' is a journey through these pivotal moments, where we learn to reframe our thoughts, embrace change, and renew our outlook on life. Join me in this podcast as I talk to Sridhar about his work in this area […]
      Abirambika Ravivarman
    • Gaining Hope Through The Pandemic October 17, 2023
      The pandemic was real and it was a challenging time. This podcast was created in 2020 to give hope. I am posting this again now as a reminder of those times and how I coped. I worked through my way having COVID like many others and this is about my journey and lessons learnt.
      Abirambika Ravivarman

    Successful Stories

    I’m truly impressed by Abirambika as life coach.Past four years was my golden period in my life since when I met Abirambika. She is my life saver and totally changed my Life in a positive way. Whenever i feel that some hurdles are stopping to move forward in both personal and professional life Abi is there for me who guide towards the success. Thanks a lot Abi.


    It’s been very helpful having Abi as my coach. She is very understanding and flexible. Through Abi I was able to uncover a few areas in my life where I needed to improve in order to be able to achieve my goals. Her process is such that, through some friendly deep probing, you will unearth the issues that need improvement in your life by yourself. I have found that while I’m coached by Abi, Im able to stay focussed on my career and fitness goals much better.



    My parent coaching session with Abi was an engrossing eye-opener. My favorite part was how she helped me help myself, and in the process, my son. Looking forward to more such sessions and my understanding of myself as a parent.


    After I completed my post-graduation, I needed to look for a job; a job that matches not just my skill set but also my interest; a job that will eventually turn into a career. On one end I was not getting job that I liked and on the other I was getting job that I didn’t like but was a good on income. Under this circumstance of confusion regarding which type of job to accept, one fails to ask oneself the right questions. This is where I required coaching – a platform for open discussion and medium for persuasive introspection. The session doesn’t limit with the problem in hand, but goes deep down into the issue – the fears I have, my future plans, other choices, exploring possibilities, how to hear what I really want and what is limiting me from obtaining the goal. With client-centric approach and help of measurable goals, I became clear on what I wanted, effectively and step-by-step. Thus, I would like to thank Ms. Abirambika Ravivarman for her time and patience in coaching me.

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