About Me

My Life is Brilliant!

But there were days, and years, when I have struggled.

I had nightmares about life and spiraled into my worries. I was afraid of financial commitments and responsibilities, some of my close relationships became a cause for stress, and Monday morning blues was all that I would wake up to, every single day!

And then, something happened that helped me break free from my troubles, and set me on my path to leading a satisfied life.

Through my childhood grounding to life skills and a timely connection with the Universal Laws, I discovered the key to unlocking my inner potential, and thereby, live my life, as it should be. From here, I stepped into the world of coaching.

In my journey as an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, I have embraced my passion in helping people transform themselves.

I cherish the happiness that arises from facilitating your growth.

I have always believed in abundance, and have noticed it working for me. If it can work for me, I believe that it can work for you too.

I am here to help you take charge of your life in the best possible way – by finding solutions from within you.

In life, the only thing that is under our control, is us. So, it is “you” who are the key to everything that is happening around you. I can help you, discover and re-discover this key through a unique blend of science and mindfulness.

As a Mindfulness Practitioner, with a diploma in Applied Buddhist Psychology, I have witnessed the power of people to open up to an awareness and practice of their inner nature, which is inherent happiness. This is the best first step towards understanding life in its absolute form.

Understanding oneself is an art, which is ably supported by the knowledge of Neuroscience. After completing a course on Neuroscience for Coaches, I have been successfully able to adapt the insight I have gained into the mechanics of the human mind, into the Lifefulness Model.

Through Lifefulness, I will guide you into creating a Lifeful Journey that is unique to your own beautiful soul. If you are looking for coaching support at a personal level, I am here to help you. I believe we are all living in a divine space and the Universe will help me with my mission.

I’m truly impressed by Abirambika as life coach.Past four years was my golden period in my life since when I met Abirambika. She is my life saver and totally changed my Life in a positive way. Whenever i feel that some hurdles are stopping to move forward in both personal and professional life Abi is there for me who guide towards the success. Thanks a lot Abi.


My Life Journey

When I quit my high-profile job, I quit it to spend time with my son.

I used to be one of those busy parents, engrossed in my work and career. “I want to be the best banker” was my goal and my life revolved around Citibank only.

Then my husband, Ravi went to Canada on a deputation and I was busy. Our son, Prady’s world was only his grandparents. I was ok with that too. Then came our trip to Canada to visit Ravi. Those 3 weeks were the only time I really felt like a mother. I spent entire days with Prady, all by myself, and without any help from my mom. I had to take decisions for him and make him happy. Quite frankly, I was never used to this and my job at Citi seemed much easier than handling a toddler. But through this, I realized how much of me, this poor kid had been missing. He was only 2 years old and it was still not too late.

So, I quit. I spent one full year just doing random things which I had never tried until then, but they were all things that I have always wanted to do. I became an anchor on TV, started life skills classes for children, began a love affair with cooking, tried my hand at doodling and crafting, and much more. What all of this gave me was a sense of satisfaction which was different from what I used to get in a corporate life, corporate life was in my DNA already. I wanted to do something different with the free time I had.

When I began anchoring for a life-skills based TV series, which my mom had produced in the Pothigai channel, it brought in another angle to my life. As a mother, and Prady’s first teacher, there was so much I had missed. I began to wonder about all the tens of thousands of people, who like me, spent their entire time around work.

That’s when Green Minds began to appear in my thoughts. But then, there it was – just as a thought. I still needed the boost to manifest this into reality. I wanted a big challenge and if I could achieve that, then I was ready to start this organization. It was then that my mother and I planned and won a Guinness record for a pledge for sustainability. And that’s how Green Minds was created.

Today, we mentor both children and adults on talent building, life-skills, power of thought, mindfulness, and sustainability skills. My eventual path towards coaching and Lifefulness has forked out of Green Minds.

My spark was Prady. Likewise, everyone’s life will have moments of realization. I want to help people find those moments, hold onto them and transform them into reality.

Good luck with your Life, because you only have One.

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