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Lifefulness model based workshops are my signature ones which help the participants to transform from within and make sustainable impact in their lives.

Just like the roots of the tree, that grow deep under the ground, keeps the tree together, our subconscious, is the base for our conscious thinking & living. The subconscious is hidden within each of us and it always tries to make things work for us. Our desires, emotions, and thoughts stem from the subconscious, and move through the conscious as actions and results. Any changes we strive to achieve in our lives have to come from deep within us and we also need to understand what can stop us from getting what we want.

Lifefulness based workshops that I conduct enable participants to get powerful insights about themselves and make sustainable changes. I conduct these workshops for corporate leaders, parents and also individuals.

Corporate Programs

Through my company ‘Green Minds’ I conduct various transformative programs for employees and leaders. All these programs are coaching based workshops which help them to get to their best self. Check out if you are looking to conduct sessions in your organization.

Lifeful Parenting & Kids

Lifeful Parenting webinars are conducted free every month. I have a separate website called ‘MindPod’. This site has various courses for both parents and kids based on SMILE learning. Check it out to know more about it.


For individuals I conduct many workshops on mindfulness, transformative programs, visioning, art based therapy sessions and much more. Keep looking for exciting upcoming programs.

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Upcoming Events


Powerhouse Women : Women’s Day Special

A special program for women in corporate. Reach out to me to get more details about it.


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