You are here for a reason!
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Achieve Success?

Better Relationships?

Become Efficient?

Bring In Change?

Overcome Hurdles?

How and What of Coaching?

Coaching is essentially the help that is needed to unlock the potential to increase performance.

Our lives have become fast paced. We have begun to breathe in and breathe out stress, both at work and in our homes. What is needed, is Change – a change of thought patterns and a change of action plans that will lead to a change in lifestyle.

But, the problem with Change, is the fear that comes before it. This is because our mind is tuned to a set of activities and routine – our mind is tuned into a comfort zone. So, change requires much more than mere thought; it requires continuous attention and tremendous effort of will. It also needs to come from within to know the direction it has to take.

This is where coaching comes in.

While most of us are aware of their thoughts and emotions, we continue to remain unaware of the impact that these leave in our daily lives. The sub-conscious impressions that created and the power it has is phenomenal. Coaching helps in bringing out those deep routed impressions that leave this impact and acts as a mirror to the coachee to work upon.

Through my experience of interacting with various kinds of people, I have been able to categorise my coaching into 4 categories.

There are so many life coaches in this world and each of them have their own speciality. If you want to choose me as the person who best fits your needs, ask yourself the below questions.

Coaching helps reach out to Yourself and Transform!

  • Are you stuck with something and need immediate support?
  • Do you feel that your life is boring?
  • Do you feel that there is stress in your work or home?
  • Are you not sure about what you really want?
  • Do you want to achieve something, but are too tired to work on it?
  • Is your work not satisfying?
  • Are your relationships causing you heartache?
  • Do you feel that everything around you is going wrong?
  • Are you feeling lost?

If your answer to one or more of the questions resounds with a definite “yes”, then we should work together.

This chance at life appears only once, and it needs to be utilized to the fullest. Continue your journey with me.

Different Type Of Coaching Support I Can Give You!

I cater to various segments of people through my coaching. I have created some interesting tools specifically for each of these coaching needs that best fit them. Coaching is about the person more than about the content, how much the person needs to transform and it applies to all areas of life. In my experience of coaching for many years these few key areas are important.

Life Coaching : Lifefulness

If you are looking to change your life and don’t know where to start, talk to me. In our lives we do two major things through out, one is we keep solving problems and the second one is about achieving goals. In either of these two if we pick up the wrong one, we lose out on time and energy. Coaching can help you relook at things and set you up on the right path.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

I have spent a good amount of my initial years of my career in corporate. I understand the way things happen there and I would say that its part of my DNA itself. Moving up and performing well in corporate roles is a different ball game and I coach executives/leaders to achieve that. For leadership I also have a specific Lifeful Leadership program which is a coaching based program.

Teen & Parent Coaching

I am a parent and I completely understand the different needs both parents and children have. There is so many changes in so little time with our children that sometimes we find it challenging to adapt to it. In my teen and parent coaching I help them build amazing relationships by connecting to all perspectives.

Decision Coaching

Taking a right decision at the right time is the key to success both in professional and personal lives. This one sitting coaching session can help you analyse the situation from all sides and take the best and most sustainable decision. A decision that you will not regret later. Its always good to think through such critical things and use the best resources available.

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