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5 Reasons Why Being Creative is Important in Life

Yesterday I spent my time doing this with pistachio shells in my son’s room. I saw this sometime back while I was looking for recycled art for a community project and I loved it. Thought I should try it out in my house first.

In this post I want to share with you how these small creative time spent helps each of us to have a great day and life eventually. The general belief is “creativity comes naturally to few people, they are born with it”. Really?

When we hear this statement we shut our mind from going beyond the day-to-day activities. There was no need to add these little birds to the room, they are cute and that is it or did it bring some satisfaction within me. The truth is there is more to creativity.

Here are 5 things that it can do to you.

  • Brings out the real ‘YOU’ – I have seen so many people who don’t think of doing anything different and keep churning out the days. Boring days I should say. The moment you start doing something else apart from work which is creative, it really brings in a your touch to things. Eventually at work you start getting more creative.
  • So Satisfying – Imagine singing your favorite song on a karaoke and listening to it later or tried a new dish and people at home loved it. It brings in so much satisfaction and your inner self will be very proud of you. It is important to keep the self very satisfied.
  • Complete De-stress – Creative time spent on yourself is like an investment. It will completely de-stress you and keep you charged up. You will be able to overcome stress much easily than otherwise.
  • Solve Problems – Once you get on board with your creative self, then you will start to notice that you are able to come out with creative solutions to problems as well. It’s a new fresh kind of thinking and there will be no looking back.
  • Improves Brain Connections – The more creative you start getting, the neuron connections also start to become stronger. Both sides of the brain will get used up making you more intelligent.

Creativity comes out of going a little extra on the thinking process. Creativity does not really mean only painting or creating an art piece. Cooking, gardening, writing, setting up your house adds to creativity. So make as much as you can and keep looking at them.

Just to share what I do to keep myself charged up is dooling, cooking, writing, painting, recycled art, recycled home needs and many others that I see and feel like trying. I never knew I could draw zen art till I set my hand on it and it reached a stage where me and my friend Anupama even publised these two adult coloring books.

Keep looking for simple creative things that can make your day a great day and have lifefulness.

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