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Ask Yourself This One Question To Change Your Life

Why people seek a coach is really interesting to know. If you don’t know about coaching or have never been a part of a coaching conversation before, here is a brief overview of it.

Coaching helps the person to identify the deep beliefs that are either making them do something or not do something. Coaches like me ask the appropriate questions to bring out the unknown or little known. Do not panic here. When I say the unknown or little known I am referring to the conscious mind. What really come to the forefront are the deep subconscious beliefs that one might be having towards the topic of discussion.

To explain this further, here are some examples of deep outcomes from those conversations that show how one’s life is affected by such beliefs, either positively or negatively.

1. One of my client’s deep belief was, “I will succeed one day”. The client was going through rough times and had never really seen success because deep inside he did not believe he was successful. The moment this came up during the coaching conversation, the client started changing it to “I am successful”, and since then he has started seeing positive changes to his life.

2. Another client’s deep belief was, “I am a responsible son, husband and father. I am taking real good care of all my dependents.” This client had been unable to take up overseas assignments and was stuck in a job for 14 years. But true to his belief he did take care of all their needs. The flip side to this was he could never take care of himself and was reaching a frustrating point in life. He then made a small change to include himself too in the list of people he is responsible for. Since then his life has become more satisfying.

3. Yet another client’s deep belief was, “I am working so hard at work and home but no one likes me. I am surrounded by wrong people.”  True to this belief, after marriage too, this client felt the same about his in-laws as well. She tended to paint all of other people’s efforts to make her comfortable at home also in the same colour. There was a huge amount of dissatisfaction in the marriage, which hit breaking-point. She did not want to jeopardize her marriage as she really loved her husband. Slowly, through the coaching conversation, her belief started to change and there was more clarity on how she would like to go about changing this. Today she is a happy woman in a happy family.

These are the patterns I have noticed in people and whenever there is a change made to their deep belief, there is a huge amount of change that automatically sets into that person’s life. And there is no looking back.

My belief is, “I am good with people and only good things happen to me. I attract all good.”  True to this belief, my life has been really good so far and I enjoy working with people as their coach. So here is the golden question that you should ask yourself now, and see what is the first thought that comes to your mind:

What is the major belief that you have about yourself?

Answer this honestly and think about your response. This belief must have driven your life down a particular path so far. Now check if you are satisfied with your life in its present state. If yes, you are a happy person. On the other hand, if you think your belief is actually causing harm, then it is time to initiate changes. Believe in yourself and look at yourself and your life as if you were a third person. This is the best way to find the cause for all the turns your life has taken until now. Better still, reach out for a coach who can help you unearth these deepest beliefs and shape your future.

Live Lifefuly!

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