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Bhallaladeva of Baahubali is Blind in One Eye

When I came across the video on YouTube where Rana Daggubati said that, I am blind in one eye, like everyone else I too was shocked. He can see only with his left eye, which was donated by someone after his death.

One of the most impactful characters of the movie Baahubali was Bhallaladeva played by Rana. He received worldwide recognition for this character. Not many villians impact the audience and gain so much love like he did. There was not a second in that movie that the audience could have guessed about his blindness. How did he manage this ? How strong is his mind to be able to do this ?

When we don’t have something is when the importance of that is felt deeply. From Rana’s story what I would urge each of you to take back is to love yourself. We are born with our own advantages and disadvantages. Anyone in his place could have resorted to living on his family wealth, using this blindness as an excuse. But he has proved to the world that he can do something worthy. He also did not reveal about his blindness during the movie release or when the first movie became a blockbuster hit. He has now turned into an inspiration for many and is loved by more people than before.

Overcoming the deepest fears that stop us from doing something is important. Fear of failure will keep stopping us from doing and later achieving anything. How do we overcome this fear ?

  • Sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes.
  • Imagine your deepest fear and feel it.
  • Let your heart pump fast, be aware of what is happening inside of you.
  • Now think of the worst thing that can happen. Failure.
  • Feel failure and let it pass.
  • Once the failure has passed, see how you would like to recoup yourself.
  • Now take a deep breath.
  • Open your eyes.

The above exercise helps us overcome fear slowly. We can also see the power of the mind in providing solutions to even the worst of scenarios.

Now let go of the fear in reality and try the same activity that you imagined. This time we can realize that the fear does not exist anymore. With continuous practice of this fear of the unknown will reduce and we can start seeing success.

Like Rana there are a lot of inspiring people who have turned things for themselves, it’s time for us to do as well. Live lifefully.

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