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Challenges Make Life Interesting But Which One?

Recently I was speaking to my close friend about how challenges are keeping today’s children on their toes and how important it is becoming. Everyday there needs to be something challenging for them to keep that excitement going on. This is true for us also. Then we sat to think how we as adults also need challenges to keep us motivated. This verse below is so apt and I totally agree to it.

“Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes them meaningful”

But there is also another point to pounder over, what should be challenging? Many of us have similar aligned thoughts to the above points however we are tired and worn out sometimes. Lost in the challenges that we are facing. Why does this happen when it’s supposed to keep us going?

I tried connecting this with my boot camp workout that I have started since last six months. It is a challenging workout and needs a lot of grit, practice and process to do it. I was someone who could not lift a 5kg rice bag, had really weak fingers and arms. But I finished the quarter with 56kg dead lift. Yes, it is true and I was also surprised just as you are right now. The goal was challenging but the process was not.

I knew the process of lifting as my coaches beautifully taught it, step by step and a person like me could bring this change within 6 months. I enjoyed the process and achieved the challenge. I am going in for more this quarter, which is making me even more, excited. I also lost a couple of kilos, my stamina has improved and feel much more stronger than before, these were my challenges too.

The difference is most times we work hard on the process and make that itself challenging, by the time we reach the stage of achieving the goal we become tired. I could do it as my coach noticed where I am going wrong or where I am trying hard or where I am going outside of the process and complicating it. In-fact starting from setting the goal, my coach was there for me. This is exactly why Coaches are awesome and I am proud to be one.

While my fitness coach handles my fitness, I support my clients with their life goals. A life coach is surely required to help us set challenging life goals and be at ease while we achieve it.

Just for a second if you notice a beautiful thing about our lives, we predominantly do two things, one go behind a goal, two solve a problem. Many times after completing these we still are not fully satisfied with it. The reason being the incorrect goal itself or things which are really not a problem but we have taken that up as one. A coach is the best person who can help you figure this out. I have had many people call and tell me I don’t have a problem as such do I still need a coach for my life. The answer surely is ‘Yes’. A coach can help you better your life from wherever it is.

I am a coach myself but I have my peer coaches with whom I work on my life and business. Just leaving you with a thought that ‘Life is beautiful, take it up in your hands and see the magic’.

Live Lifefuly!

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