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DIY Lamp Shade – Lifefulness Box April 2020

There so much fun if we can really make something on our own. That is why DIY (Do It Yourself) are so popular. This really makes a connection with the person doing it and also enable the use of creativity. To build on this we have given a DIY Lamp shade in our Lifefulness Subscription box.

This month we have this exciting DIY kit where you can make your own lamp shade using twin thread. The kit has the below items

  1. Balloons (you need only one but we have given two extra just in case you need it)
  2. Glue
  3. Twain thread

Below are the steps on how you can do it within minutes and enjoy !

  1. Blow the balloon to a size which is good for you. You can choose to make a hanging lamp or even a one which you can place on a table and tie it well.
  2. Take a cup, empty the glue bottle into it. Mix little water to the glue and make it little runny.
  3. You can additionally add a color too if you like.
  4. Start dipping the thread into the glue mixture and spin it across the balloon randomly. Make sure you hold a portion out for the mouth of the light.
  5. If you did not use a color with the glue, once this dries you can color it. Else if you would like to be in white this should look good.

Once the whole thing is done, add a light that you make like to it and enjoy !

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