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DIY Scented Candle – Lifefulness Box March 2020

Below are the steps on how you can do it within minutes and enjoy !

Items inside the DIY kit from March 2020 Lifefulness Box

There so much fun if we can really make something on our own. That is why DIY (Do It Yourself) are so popular. This really makes a connection with the person doing it and also enable the use of creativity. To build on this we have given a DIY Candle kit in our Lifefulness Subscription box.

Put the wax from the cover inside the glass, add the color crayon given if you are interesting in having a color. If you would prefer a white candle you could ignore adding the crayon.

Glass with the wax inside the microwave

The candle wax has been scented with lemon essential oil and would really give our a fresh smell. Enjoy it as you make πŸ™‚

Microwave this for 3 to 5 minutes depending upon how the candle wax is melting. Every 2 minutes, please keep checking on it.

If you don’t have a microwave or don’t want to use the microwave process, you can melt the wax in a double boiler with water in a pan and wax over it in another pan. One thing to be cautious of is that the pot in which you melt the wax might not be usable for any normal cooking post this. You could use a old or not so needed vessel and keep making more candles with it later too πŸ™‚

Adding the wick to the candle

Once the wax is melted add the wick given in the kit. The wick might fall off when the wax is fully liquid, wait for a few seconds and then do it. You could also hold the wick a little till the same settles down in the middle. Or use a stick to just hold the wick in the middle.

DIY Candle done

The final candle would like this. I had mixed two colors to get this chocolate brown but you could use your creativity and make it as you like.

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