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Fear About The Unknown Stopping You?

The day before morning I noticed something interesting.

I was at the airport waiting to fly to Dubai. A family of three, mother and two children were also there. Looked like they are travelling first time on a plane.

The children aged about 12 to 14 were super excited about the travel and kept looking at all the other planes that were taking off. While their mother was very tensed, could see that from her face. Her husband is calling continuously and giving instructions on how to do things at the airport. She had to cut his call multiple times during all the check-in procedures.

While boarding was announced, all there of them rushed. They also kept cutting the queue to ensure they reach somewhere in the beginning of the queue. And this time they landed up just behind me and I could clearly hear her conversation on phone.

She was panicking about how the travel, how Dubai airport will be, what will be the procedures there and only because of these only she wanted him to come to India by like always and not make them travel to Dubai. Seems like her husband has been working there for many years and these three were going to visit him.

Travelling with children for the first time in flight can be difficult I understand. But I am writing this blog just to bring to light on how an adult mind pushes us to fear the unknown. For the children too it’s a new experience but they seemed to be more confident and willing to explore. But I am happy this lady took the initiative to break her fears and try this travel.

Just think about something that you last did out of your comfort zone as an adult. Do you explore as much as what you did as a child? Do you think you are restricting yourself due to fear of the unknown? I am not pushing you to go and try something very adventurous but few things we avoid because we don’t know how it will be.

Let me give you my example.. I have never travelled alone and am comfortable only with someone around. My family mainly. I used to avoid any training or business opportunity which requires me to travel because of this. This was my comfort zone. Till finally one day I decided that if I have to run my business well I might have to travel. The first time I broke out of this was an experience of its own. Had so many doubts in my head just like the lady here. And now I have reached a stage where am travelling to Dubai for work alone. I am thankful to myself for overcoming those fears and thoughts that crop up in our head which stops us from going forward.

Have written this blog only to remind you to think about what’s that which stops you and puts you back in the same place where you are and see if you can overcome it.

All of us have goals for ourselves but we don’t really pay attention to why we are not able to achieve it. Maybe these little things also pull us down.. think about it.

Live Lifefuly!

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