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Gratitude Completes You, Here is How

I have always wondered why we humans always focus more on the things we lack rather than the ones we have in hand. In one of the coach training calls a senior coach who was presenting asked one question to all of us “If your child comes back home with 95 marks out of 100 in math, what would be the questions you would ask?” The answers mainly revolved around the 5 mark however, many of us would still be appreciative of the 95 marks.

This only showed that we tend to focus on the things we did not get, more than the ones we actually have. The value of something is high only till we actually get it, the moment we have it, the mind tends to push us to the next thing. My husband and I, wanted to buy a good comfortable car and we did buy a Skoda Laura. After many years of use of this car, we want something better than that now. Any other car, which can give lesser comfort than this car, is a big ‘No’ in our minds.

While it maybe looked at from the angle of growth but the flip side to this is the focus on “Lack”, which could mean heavy amount of dissatisfaction in life. We would really push ourselves to have better things in life but how do we also appreciate the things on hand too. I have felt this many times like the example I shared but with practice, I have been able to overcome this. I have been able to keep better goals at the same time really feel satisfied with what we have. Are you also on the same path? Do you also want to come out of this situation? Here is how – Gratitude.

“The secret to having it all is knowing you already do”

This verse actually brought about that big change inside me. When we have so much what is stopping us from feeling it too. Our emotions have a huge impact on our life and if we can have a positive gratitude based emotion each day, that will be the best thing that can happen to us.

There are many studies, which have been conducted with people who are practicing gratitude. Slowly once we start this we will notice that the finer things in life will also be appreciated by us. The fact of living a life is to feel happiness and we need to become aware of all the good things that come our way. Moving from the focus on doing alone to emotionally connecting to the doing in the way of gratitude.

Gratitude can help in improving ourselves by developing

  • Personality – Gratitude brings a meaning for our existence itself and by also developing the self-esteem. We become more optimistic in life where we look at the good things more than what we don’t have. By also looking at the simpler things and deriving happiness from around us.
  • Health – Gratitude helps in reducing anxiety and fear of the future, which overall helps in better health. Sleep improves by calming the mind. It also increases the energy levels and excitement for the next day.
  • Emotional Self – Gratitude makes good memories of our past and creates a positive expectation about the future. It also helps us to be more resilient. Our emotions are balanced because there is lesser worry and overall create a very positive approach towards life.
  • Social – Gratitude strengthens relationships. It is also the acceptance of people whom we meet, making us a very social person. Relationships are becoming a very painful thing to handle in today’s world and the best way to keep at it would be with gratitude in mind.
  • Mindful – Gratitude helps us to be more mindful. There will be a pressing feeling to enjoy everything that is happening in our life and to be present at every moment. Overall happiness increases.

While most of you will be in acceptance of ‘Gratitude’ it still might seem difficult to think about it every day and feel it. So I am sharing a monthly gratitude calendar that you could use where you can write down every night what made your day great. Spend just 2 mins each night before you hit the bed to think about what you have written down and feel gratitude inside of you. It could be a simple food that you ate, a person whom you met, your daily workout, anything at work or just anything can you can feel gratitude for. If you just can’t think of anything on any specific day just feel it for your own awesome self or towards this universe where we all belong. By end of 30 days when you see that so many things you felt happy and thankful for, it will give all the energy you need for the next set of awesome days to come. Gratitude (download this)

Share this calendar with your friends and family and do update me on how you felt after you started using it.

Live Lifefuly!

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