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How Do We Live After Our Death?

Recently I had to attend two funerals. It was my aunt’s (my dad’s cousin sister) husband and it is very sad to see the whole family mourning. Just a week ago she lost her dad too. Losing two very important men of her life within a weeks time would be really hard for anybody. My heartfelt condolences to her and my cousins. May God give them the strength to overcome this loss, but this blog is not really about my aunt, it’s about my uncle.

This uncle was in Andaman for a really long period and I never got much time to spend with him since childhood. Then he moved back to his hometown after the tsunami episode and around his retirement. He started to live in his hometown, whereas my aunt was in Chennai taking care of my cousin’s business who had moved to the USA.

Last year in our family, we had to go to one temple, which was near this uncle’s hometown. My aunt suggested that we go to their house and stay there for one day and go and do the temple visits, but I was little sceptical because we haven’t really spent much time with his uncle and didn’t want to disturb him.

But as he too insisted we decided to stay at his house. While we were there he took real good care of us. He even came along with us to the temple and sent his driver with the car for us to go shopping. This is the time when I got to spend time in close quarters with this uncle and to really get to know him deeply. Such a sweet person that he was, quite humorous and very affectionate. He even came and dropped us back at the railway station. He could have just sent his driver but he choose to come. I really learnt how to be there for others from him during this trip.

This trip made an impact in all our hearts about this uncle and when we heard that he passed away it was a sense of deep loss for us too. During my night travel on the train to reach for the funeral, memories of our trip kept lingering in my mind….

When its time for us to go, we need to go but what do we leave behind?

Memories for others to cherish about us! Good memories… Isn’t it?

While what I am sharing is known, amidst our busy schedule we do forget this many times. Most of us tend to take super care of the external body, we bathe, we brush, we use the most expensive creams and perfumes, wear awesome cloths etc. We really love to show a great external appearance about us to the world. What about our internal body and mind? Once our breath stops this external body is as good as non-recyclable waste, it has to be eradicated rather incinerated.

So how do we treat our internal body and our mind?

Do we eat right?

Do we breathe right?

Do we think right?

Do we really clean our internal selves daily?

Do we create awesome memories?

Do we make a difference in other’s life?

Am leaving with you with a simple question to ponder on “How would you want people around you to remember you once your gone, What will you leave behind?”

Live Lifefuly !!


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