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Kitchen Knife Teaches us an Important Life Lesson

The most important tool in a kitchen is the knife, the king of tools I would like to call it. Every day this is the first tool that anyone cooking would pick up in his or her hand. What does this teach us?

Well, the sharper the knife the faster we can cook and also the vegetables come out in perfect shape. So for any knife to do its best job it needs to stay sharp. We keep sharpening it maybe once a month or as and when its required.

If we try and apply this rule to our life, we can see how it is important to sharpen our mind. If we keep moving without sharpening ourselves, we tend to become like the blunt knifes.

The mind goes through so many thoughts and actions, When does anyone stop to sharpen? What should be done?

Follow these simple steps everyday and see how the mind actually helps achieve our dreams. Mind is the biggest gift for humans.

  • Meditation – Everyday habit to meditate for a minimum of 15 minutes does so much good. Even if there are a million thoughts that cross the mind, let it be.
  • Yoga – Yoga is more for the mind than for the body. We will be able to connect to our self much better with a few minutes of yoga every day. It really refreshes and brings in so much positivity.
  • Exercise – Any kind of exercise be it running or cardio or anything that can exhaust the body will create so much freshness to the mind. The oxygen level inside the body will go up and helps reduce toxins.
  • Television – The biggest killer for the mind is TV. This device creates a kind of hypnotics on the viewers mind creating deeper impressions of the programs one watches. Better to avoid this as much as possible.
  • Reading – The mind constantly looks for information and is active all the time. If there is sufficient feed like reading books, it will sharpen the mind.
  • Sleep – Sleeping late and getting up late is fashion now. Getting back home after a long day, watching some TV to relax and then hitting the bed about mid night is very common. This affects sleep to a large extent. Our mind does not sleep but during our sleep, mind tries to process all the information that has been received for the day. We need to give sufficient processing time else it might crash.
  • Positive Affirmations – The mind needs reiterations and affirmations to keep us on track. Keep giving as much positive thoughts and affirmations to keep it sharp. When there is a goal or dream to achieve the key thoughts during the day should revolve around the same.

These are few simple things I try and follow to sharpen my mind. When I started following these I realized that my connection within myself and with others have become very strong. I was able to understand what someone was going to tell me. My decisions became more intuitive based and started to show me the path I had to take.

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