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Life – Design it now

Life is moving so fast and by the time we realize what we have done or achieved we are almost at retirement age. Most people feel this and when we look back at our life story “Oh should I have not done this ?”, “I think I made a big mistake”, “Looks like I have not really done what I like to do” and many more statements come into the head.

Is this really what we want ? If others would say “take life as it comes” is that ok to follow ?

Imagine if we take a decision to plan and draw a roadmap for us and stick to it like a glue. How will things be ? Are there ways to actually design it. Take an example of an artist, the artwork initially is imagined by the artist in his head and later brings it into life similaly we need to vizualize our life and bring it to reality. To design something for us help us keep the focus on and has a better success rate.

Start now to draw up your mindmap and vizualize yourself achieving it.

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