Are you seeking to live an inspired life?
Do you want to create a cozy me-time ritual and routine?
Are you looking for stress-reduction tools?
Do you want it all?

The Lifefulness Subscription Box is the perfect answer to your beautiful desires.

Our intention is simple – we want you to RelaxReconnect and Renew. Think of us as your wellness partners.

Now, how do we go about helping you build a wellness ritual?

It’s the little things in our big lives that bring us great joy and pleasure. Our mindfully curated products in the Lifefulness Box are designed to give you the much-needed break from day to day stress. Each box contains an assortment of practical strategies and self-care products that are aimed at creating more joy. We bring you tested and proven strategies for anxiety relief, relaxation, and boosting positive moods.

Why Lifefulness Box ?


Spend time being creative and break away from your regular routine


Reduce stress and increase happy hormones with all natural goodies

Boost Up Life

Recharge your senses and live your awesome life

Be Surprised

Appreciate your body, mind and soul to lift up your mood

Be Mindful

Practice ‘Mindfulness’ and celebrate the power of ‘Now’

Feel Gratitude

Use the power of ‘Gratitude’ as the key to manifesting abundance

Whether it is a need for the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, there is something for everything, in our recipe.

With an interesting wellness recipe every month, each box comes wrapped in the abundance of self-care, peace and joy.

Excited already?!

Treat yourself or a loved one to the precious moments of self-appreciation and care!

Watch the unboxing videos of all the past boxes : Lifefulness Box

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The Lifefulness subscription box combines a delightful mix of motivational coloring cards, cozy items, self-care goodies, gratitude prompts, and more, to conjure the gift of complete well-being!


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