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Ocean Helps Us To Be More Calmer – Blue Mind

Yesterday morning when I woke up at 6 am, I found my husband awake already. He generally is a good sleeper and would never wake up till pushed out of the bed. To top this, my son, too woke up.

The morning was perfect with the cool breeze and slight rains. This gave me an idea, to go to the beach. So all three of us landed on the beach with our own agenda in mind. My son and husband wanted to play in the water whereas I wanted to take a walk. With slight rains, I decided not carry my phone to listen to music.

As I finished my walk gazing at the sea and sat down quietly, I felt this deep sense of satisfaction. I never really felt this way earlier because everytime we are at the beach it’s been with a set of activities, either with a big set of friends or with family talking or with music playing on my phone.

This quiet walk just listening to the sound of water was something different. I felt very calm from inside, it was similar to my daily meditation. I was working on something for the past week and was super tired. I found answers to a lot of questions within minutes of gazing at the ocean. I could feel my connection with the water, it was like someone is healing my mind from that side and showing me the way. Then I kept looking at the blue sky and how beautifully it was merging with the blue ocean. I wanted to just stay there forever.

Once I came back home, I read articles about how the ocean can heal the mind and make it calmer. There are a lot of studies done to show how ocean and water can make us calmer and scientists have proved this too.

I wanted to share this with you and have tried to give a brief about what I learned from my experience.

  • The blue mind is the creative mind. The color blue is a favorite to a lot of people and they tend to associate it to qualities like calm, depth, peace, trust and openness.
  • Ocean sound is more soothing to hear. It’s not the sound that we generally hear every day of the city or people or music. It is different for the ears and it brings calmness.
  • The horizon where the blues of the ocean and the sky merge shows vastness and abundance.
  • Our busy lives are giving us tons of information each day and being near the ocean or under water gives us a cognitive breakdown because less information is coming in. This is the meditative state we tend to reach.
  • As we sit watching the waters we tend to be forgetting the past and the future. We are at a much more mindful state, which helps in reducing stress.
  • There are so many lives inside the ocean yet the quietness is soothing. It connects us to the others in the world and made me feel the bonding. No wonder many couples chooses to marry and start their life near the sea. Holidays in beach resorts are really refreshing.

Well, would urge each of you to spend some time near the ocean whenever possible and experience this great sense of satisfaction and calmness. I am lucky to be staying few kilometers away from the sea and plan to make this my Sunday morning routine.

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