Hi, Thanks for visiting my page to get to know me better. I am so happy to connect with you. I do the below and would be glad to talk to you about it.

I am  the founder & CEO, of Green Minds. A company dedicated in working on people and organisational development. We work with many different clients running various interventions to help them get to a better space. We believe that we can make lives better. You can visit our website to know more about our work www.greenminds.in 

My personal website www.abirambika.com has a lot more information about myself and my work. I am excited that you are here on this page trying to know more and I am sure we will have a long professional journey together. Happy to be there and support you.

Coaching Individuals & Teams

Leadership Development

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You can reach out to me for supporting you with people and organisational development

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abi@greenminds.in | reach@abirambika.com
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