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Real Happiness or Reel Happiness, Which one is yours?

Happiness is an emotion. Everybody feels this emotion or rather craves for it. Why does someone leave out the rest of the emotions like anger, sadness, fear etc and keep looking for happiness?

In today’s world when does someone become happy, is when something is achieved or something is bought or something is received or when something.. something happens !! Does this mean that happiness is not within you and is it something material?

We live with all the comforts and yet our children keep cribbing about what they don’t have and remain unhappy. Once I saw this very little boy who was in torn dirty dress running with a bun, which a teashop owner gave him. He rushed to see an even smaller boy with similar cloths and gave it to him. He was his brother. The elder brother found real happiness when he saw his hungry smaller brother eat food. I went near him and asked why he did not eat the bun and had to give it to the little boy. For which he gave me a stunning reply “Madam, this is my younger brother and just look at the smile he has now on his face. He had not eaten food for a day now. I know this bun might not have been enough for him but still he smiles as if I got him a full-fledged meal. We are there for each other so we are happy”

This got me thinking on how in modern age, due to gadgets we have really forgotten relationships. We hit numerous likes to friends post on facebook but if the same friend is in town, we might not really go to meet him or her. We seem to live in a fantasy world with dreams that are not really ours. We struggle to achieve those dreams and be dis-satisfied by end of our life. Make the change now to bring real happiness into your life. We are born to live happily.

Take these action steps to find real happiness by sharing ideas, thoughts and a coffee with people.

  1. Ensure to meet at least one person in a month from your friend list.
  2. Encourage a totally unknown person for the good work they are doing. It could be me too 🙂
  3. Help few people on the road, just a random act of kindness.
  4. Surprise your office security, food vendor or vegetable vendor at home by giving them a coffee.
  5. Ensure to thank people for the effort they put in may not be something specifically done for you.
  6. Keep a calendar of the smiles you brought on people face.

The above are just few to start off your thinking process, am sure you will come up even better ones.

Over a period of time we will realize this world is as beautiful place with lovely people around. With people who care for themselves and for each other.

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