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Return to Your Childhood with Your Child’s Help

Have you ever felt like going back to your childhood and have a peaceful time? All of us do, don’t we? It’s one of the most enjoyable times in anybody’s life. Well, this blog is not about you, but your child.

We as parents, tend to ensure that the things we missed during our childhood should not be missed by our kids too. So we go the extra mile to ensure that the kid joins classes, attends workshops, learns an art, or plays a sport. And we stay on to observe how our child is performing. We also get very excited seeing the results, as if we had ourselves participated.

So, why not join a class with our child? Imagine the kind of satisfaction it will bring about inside of us.

More than us, it benefits the child in several ways:

  • It builds the child’s confidence.
  • It helps build a competitive spirit as the child will want to outperform the parent.
  • Makes the child feel a sense of oneness with the parent and bond better.
  • Helps the child realise the importance the parent gives to the child’s activities.
  • Most importantly, it creates a lasting memory of childhood.

My son has joined a swimming class today and my husband joined him too. My husband works the nightshift and gets to spend very little time with our son. But today when the father was there, swimming along with him, my son was super excited. He showed so much attention in the class and loved swimming. He knew he could discuss with his father, various things like holding the breath or the flaps, after the class. In fact, until we reached home, he kept talking about it.

Many of us may think that it would not be appropriate to join our children in such classes. But, for a moment, imagine yourself joining your child, in a class that you so wanted to be in as a child! It is such a stress-buster. It need not be a long term, regular class; it could simply be a short workshop too. But trust me, it really works. It was a win-win: as my son had a memorable time today, so did my husband.

Returning to childhood is in our hands and we need to make the best for ourselves. Lifefulness is all about enjoying this life, in the best possible way.


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