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Rewire Your Brain – Subconscious Mind Programming

Over a decade neuroscientists have done a lot of research on neuroplasticity. They have found that even in an adult brain, birth of new neurons is possible. Which means there is a possibility of changing habits, practices or thought patterns. But this is possible only if changes happen at a deep-rooted, subconscious level. Most of our actions or behaviours are based on the impressions we have gained over the years at a subconscious level.

Subconscious mind programming is a technique that can help you achieve your dreams. But this takes time and you need to be persistent with your efforts. Each day you might be spending only few minutes but a daily routine is critical.

Few important points are:

  1. You should know what you want or what you are doing. Be clear.
  2. You should also know what is stopping you right now from doing it. There would be some sub-conscious patterns that are holding you back.

Have a self-talk to understand what is your exact goal and what is stopping you from reaching it. There might be some negative voices that come from deep within you, which you should be aware of.

Now follow these simple steps to program your subconscious:

  1. Goal: Choose a goal that you deeply desire.
  2. Breathing: Take deep breaths to connect to yourself.
  3. Imagine: Use your imagination to see the result after achieving this goal.
  4. Emotions: Focus on the feelings that this achievement will bring about in your life. Look at it from all the angles. Emotions are key for sub-conscious programming.
  5. Imagine: Bring back that image and create a full-fledged video in your mind about you after achieving this goal.

By practicing the above you will start to program your subconscious. If you can do this for more than 2 minutes a day, you will see faster results. The key to success is, knowing yourself deeply before the above steps and to hold on to the desire with full heart and mind. Even a little bit of doubt in your mind will shake the results.

I would like to narrate a simple incident from my life to help you understand this concept better. In Chennai, school admissions are really a big deal. Most schools take in children aged 3 in December and if you approach them in January, only a month later, you will need to wait for a year. The admission process ends by February.

I wanted to put my son in a specific international school, which I felt was the best in our area. This school starts admissions only in February unlike other schools but being a March-born he was only 2.9 years as of the previous December. I was confident that my son would get in, but had a small doubt in my mind due to his age. I wanted to take application forms in other schools as well to be sure. If he had missed getting into this school, then we would have to wait for a year simply because other schools would have completed the admission process already. But my mother who firmly believes in deeply desiring for one thing that we want told me “If you buy application forms from other schools, it would mean you are not sure about this school. Which would indirectly tell the subconscious that you are not confident”. This hit me like a hammer on my head and I did not buy applications from other schools. And guess what, my son got his admission in the desired school and he is having loads of fun!

Well, this is a small instance but has a lot of meaning because even the back-up actions we take, to keep ourselves safe from disappointments would send messages to our subconscious. Be aware and have a great life full of satisfaction. Live Lifeully.


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