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Secret To Great Health

I was at an MRI center, waiting for hours to get a head MRI done for my mother-in-law. She has been having a headache for the past few days which began with a fever. The fever left but the headache has decided to stay.

This post is not about her or her illness. It’s about the different kind of people who are desperate, just like us, in trying to know what’s wrong with them. Starting with a 5-month-old baby to many senior citizens; poor to rich; patients referred by private hospitals to government hospitals. And not to forget that the scan centers are open till 10.30 pm. Besides restaurants and cinemas, I think they are the busiest in the service of people (or is it making money).

Medical technology has grown so much that with a scan we can know what’s wrong with us. Well, then what does the doctor do? He reads out what’s there in the report to us. And many times the report says the person is fine. “This is just to rule out things” is precisely what the doctor told us that afternoon. And by the way, my mil’s report said there is nothing wrong her too. 

What makes people so anxious about their health?

We are busy and can’t take any pain. We pop in a tablet immediately. If that does not work, we then go to a doctor who will surely suggest a minimum of 5 tests, and we get that done. Finally, we are cured in a few days. The anxiety is to know the extent of lost health. I heard a person seated next to me at the MRI center tell their neighbor: “I just hope this isn’t cancer or something. I can’t go through a lot of treatment”.

Well, I am not against it, this needs to be done. Because we have already lost our health. No point sitting at hospitals and scan centers and feeling bad about the whole thing.

What can we do to avoid this?

We can really have a great health just by being aware of these things

  1. What do we put in our mouth? Every time before eating think – Am I eating healthy food and treating myself well or spoiling it.
  2. Am I hydrated enough? The body needs a balance of water and food. Think – In the rut of running and living a life am I missing out on this key element of water itself.
  3. Am I sweating enough? Run, jump, walk, lift, push, yoga or just do something but ensure all the toxins are sent out through some exercise. Don’t just sit at work and sip on green tea thinking that’s enough to send toxins out. 
  4. What’s my life goal? If we want to enjoy until we reach the age of 50 and then start slowly going down or do we want to have a consistent health thro. This becomes an important aspect in itself achieve other life goals right? 
  5. Body is the biggest gift that we have got. The only thing with which we come into this world is our body and that’s what we own for ourselves. Body is also the last thing that will give up on you. It will keep adjusting to all what you do to it. Finally one day it will reach a stage when it becomes a priority and you will run between hospitals to fix it.
  6. Mind needs to be our friend. When we talk about physical body and health, there is a huge need to work on the mind too. As we start growing old if the mind is not kept strong enough even a small cold or fever can look like a chronic disease.

None of what I have mentioned above is new to you, still what is the need to write this. Sometimes our mind will take over us and with a bigger need to live we forget few basic things. So this blog is just a reminder and I believe will bring your focus back to ourselves.

The secret to great health is being aware that our body is a gift and use it in the right way. There is no magic pill. I hope the quality of life takes precedence over everything else for all of us.

Live Lifefuly!

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