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Secret to Develop a Great Mind !!

Ohhhh I have a bad headache, I think I over stressed myself today !

I feel like throwing up, I think my body did not digest the junk food I ate !

I am so hungry now that I just can’t think !

All of us say these and many more about ourselves. Why is that ?

We treat our body like junk and expect it to function normally always. Our poor food and lifestyle choices are major reasons on how we abuse our greatest gift. Can we imagine a day without the body. Even gods needed a body to come down to earth and guide people. Getting truthful to ourselves on how we abuse the body is the first step towards connecting to greater good. Awareness about this on a daily basis is essential.

We all know that our mind is a critical part for achieving what we want and we do treat it like the king. Well true but an important part we may miss out is, the mind functions properly only if the body is well maintained. It’s like a well-serviced machine is needed to be effective. There is a direct relationship between body and the way we think.

Our body shows a lot of indication if there is something, which is going wrong. By understanding the clues that the body provides we can surely lead a happy life. If we are constantly feeling sick, tired and depressed, it shows how our mind is working. We need to become aware of the indicators and fix it then and there.

A simple exercise to understand is to ask the below questions and write down the answers honestly.

How many times do we eat out? How much of processed food we consume? Do we exercise? Do we breathe properly? Do we sleep properly? Do we drink sufficient water? How many meals do we skip because there is an important meeting?

In ancient days yoga was practiced by most people, they ate good quality food and there was no junking obviously. They lived a happy, satisfied and stress free life. The key to a great mind and a happy life is taking care of our body. All you need to do is ensure the below each day

  • Avoid junk food as much as possible.
  • Do 30 minutes of yoga.
  • Drink sufficient water.
  • Eat a balanced meal everyday.
  • Play a sport.
  • Sleep well.
  • Overall be conscious of what your body is suggesting.

These are simple steps, which can boost your inner power. The secret to a great mind is a great body. Stay healthy and live lifefully.

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