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Understanding the Science of Spirituality

If three years ago, someone had told me that I would be writing an article on spirituality, I would have rolled on the ground bursting with laughter, because three years ago, I had disassociated from religion and God. Three years ago, I had transformed into a rationalist, someone who demanded a sane explanation for everything, and someone who believed that what questions science cannot answer now, science will answer soon.

The point is, I am still that rationalist who believes that science is the essence of all things animate and inanimate. So why am I trying to explain spirituality here? It is because, spirituality is a science too. It is the science of understanding that you are made of things beyond the skin, the flesh, the organs and the blood.

We, as humans are also made of specific character traits that define us just as much as our physical self does. But is science only related to all those things that are quantifiable? Let me explain to you, why it is not. Take for instance, the infinity factor. Science explains it as a number that is larger than any number, and yet, this infinity takes no shape in the form of real numbers. It is an abstract concept. Well, so is this unseen “personality” that we are made of. It is an abstract concept too.

While you are getting your head around that point, here is another one. The universe is infinite, and science accepts that. The universe is the beginning of everything, and science accepts that too. It is because matter emerged somewhere from within the vast darkness of the infinite beyond, kick-starting the process of creation and evolution, a process that has never quite stopped over that infinite time that has passed since.

Everything in this universe, including you and I are made of matter. The very same chemicals that makeup the stars, also make up our body. So, if there is one subject that we can define the universe by, it is Science. But, the catch is, the universe is not just made of matter, it is also made of the infinite darkness that lies in between. The blackness that can never be quantified, and yet it marks its silent presence heavily within the realm of science.

If there is a similar unquantifiable presence within us, who represent the micro-matter of the universe, then this abstract concept called personality is a science too, isn’t it?

If you are wondering what the heck all of this has to do with spirituality, then the next few lines are for you. Spirituality is the science that helps us figure out concepts. It is the journey that some of us take to understand the essence of this unquantifiable presence within us. Spirituality is all about gaining an insight into what makes us, us. It is about breaking down the unseen barriers that stops us from reaching out to ourselves. Spirituality, at its best description, is the Science of the Spirit.

Kanika Kumar is a poet-writer who is trying to make sense of and organise the great chaos that exists within and outside her.

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