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Who Decides What Is Right?

Yesterday my son started a conversation with me when we were driving back from his class

Prady : Abu, What if you did not have a neck at all?

before I could give an answer he added

Prady : What if your legs were in the place of hands and hands in the place of your legs?. What if everything in your body were all in different places?

Me : I think I would look very distorted.

Prady : Abu, What if the whole world is looking like that? I mean what if everyone looks like that only?

Me : Then I think we all will look different from how we look now.

Prady : Would we still look distorted?

Me : No, I don’t think so.

When we got back home after this, it made me think who decides who looks distorted? What made me say that and within the next few questions actually change my answer.

Our surroundings create a belief system within us and we would always want to go by that unless questioned. In a country where people are short, they tend to believe that that’s how humans are and in some other place they might believe the opposite of it. Nowadays with so much information about everything around us we are curious to know more and more hence stick to social media. This also has a flip side to it by confusing all the belief system that we developed since childhood.

There is never a right or a wrong, it’s always the perspective that differs. How many times we have tried to correct other people because they think differently from us. In our own lives, we see and read about many achievers but struggle to follow few things that they did, Why?

You might tend to think, how can every perspective be right? What if an alcoholic says that drinking is good? Well, from their perspective it might be right for them either to overcome some deep sorrow or overcome loneliness or even enjoy a happy moment. Unless questioned on that belief which stems into this action even they might it difficult to get clarity.

The beauty of coaching lies exactly in asking these questions and deepening our understanding. The iceberg theory by David Rock helped me understand why we do certain things in a certain way.


Every one of us needs that someone to ask us those few questions without judging us, which will take us deep inside. With this we might change our perspective or our actions to suit our life goals. This will be the best way for us to lead a great and successful life and to decide what is right for you 🙂

Live Lifefuly!!

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