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Your Child is Your Lighthouse !!

In India, not having a child soon after wedding, is a crime. Elders would keep saying that a child completes you. Why do they say so? Are we not complete as a couple? Does this mean that getting married and having a child is a very important part of our lives?

Well, the answer is an emphatic “YES!”

Please do not conclude that I am old-fashioned with an obsolete philosophy. I am modern enough, though I have a reason to agree with my elders on this one.

Today I run a business and I also coach people. All this started off with my son. I wanted to be available and be a meaningful mother rather than somone who spends very little time with him. In my pursuit of a balance between motherhood and career, today I am a satisfied person. Well, the push for your personal satisfaction comes from the child.

All of us want to do many things in life, but we may think that once we start a family and have a child, the commitment required for any experiment for personal change is extremely high. But we are mistaken. The child is a gift – a soul that is very pure. And when such a soul is around us, we are in a better position to connect with the universe.

Life offers several opportunities to take the path that can really bring satisfaction to our selves. The child gives us another chance to make the right decision and move forward in life. The difference between the earlier opportunities and the one brought about by the child is this: in the latter, there is a pure soul who is always around you. This is typically also the reason why we tend to be around a guru.

Here are few things that you can do to know how your child can guide you :

1. Meditate for ten minutes everyday.
2. Spend as much time as possible talking to your child. Talk about life and how things are beautiful after the child has come into the life.
3. Listen to every clue your child gives you. They might say something so abnormal but there will a sub-councious connection to every word they say.
4. Note them down and try to connect with your inner self.
5. Believe that your child is really a gift.

You will begin to notice that whatever your child has been saying is true and if you really listen to it, you can have a better life. You might be wondering why I am saying what goes against the grain of commonly accepted wisdom which states that parents are a child’s guide. But I am confident in stating that the child is actually the guide to its parents.

Let me share a very simple discussion I had with my son, that illustrates this point very well. Everytime we go to a mall or the restroom in a restaurant, after washing his hands, my son would never put them under the dryer. Instead, he would ask me for a tissue paper. But I always refused saying it’s not an eco friendly habit. So he would just wipe his hands on his jeans and walk away! This has been going on for many years. Neither did he change nor did I stop asking him to use the dryer. Until one fine day I came across an article which stated that the possibility of an infection from using such dryers is high, and a better alternative was a tissue paper or your own towel. I was shocked because despite not knowing this my son was actually doing the right thing! Since then, I have made it a habit to pay close attention to what my son says and life has been just great. I am making great progress and I am very happy.

I hope this post has helped increase your awareness about the benefits that come from deeply listening to your child. Live Lifefully.

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