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Lifefulness : A Self-Help Journal To Transform Your Life


A very interesting book which can help you transform your life. It’s a self-help journal with lots of topics which can connect various aspects of your life.



This is a doing book – a self-reflective journal. Every topic has been carefully chosen to give a 360 view of life. There is help to understand and manage areas in life that we sometimes find challenging. This book is all about you! Your views, your life, your inner work.

The concept of LIFEfulness is about walking towards your inner self. I believe and have experienced the fact that the more we take charge of ourselves, the better we are in control of our external environment and what happens to us because of this. You might be wondering about how you can change your life when others remain the same.

Let me tell you, it is not only possible, you will, in fact, experience this in this book. I have shared a lot of my life instances which might look magical to you at first, but they are possible for you too. All you need to do it is, work with it and experience it for yourself. The magic is here for you.


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